Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Gracie five-years nine months, Dee-Dee three-years three months, Bliss twenty-three months, Buddy ten weeks

So the summer is over. We are tanned and tired and have a puppy who keeps us up all night crying.
It's sort of fine because the girls cry at night-time too, so it all merges into one.

His name is Buddy. He is ten weeks old, and I love him. He is my birthday present and replacement treadmill as I can no longer run.

Bliss loves him even more than I do though. "My Buddy-buddy. Kiss me Buddy-Buddy. Lick me Buddy-Buddy."

Last night she summoned James up to her bedroom at 1.45am to say "Buddy-Buddy sad downstairs. Daddy go give him kisses... then make me tea."

"I'll have tea if you are making it!!" Gracie hollered, from next to me in bed, which is where she has decided to sleep from now on. "Oooh, being as we are up, shall we watch Finding Nemo mummy?"
"I AM NOT AWAKE!" I shouted at her.
The dog woke at the sound of my sqwark and howled, which woke up Dee-Dee who wanted a story read to her, at 3am.

We are like an advert for contraception.

Our holiday to France was ace, although (trying to) sleep in a tiny cabin with small children who had access to lots of light-switches was not.

At one stage Bliss found the master-switch and plunged us into pitch-blackness. James fell off the top bunk while I went backwards through the toilet door and landed in the shower. It was a bit of a rough crossing in more ways than one.

The girls LOVED mum and dad's swimming pool. I loved not having to do any housework or cooking. When James reads this he will say "You don't do any cooking anyway."

He spent most of the holiday clad in tight lycra cycling up mountains. My dad offered to give him a lift. I got a text from James five hours later saying "Your dad is a bastard. Why doesn't he like me?!"

Dad had listened to James describe the mountain he wanted to ride up.. then dropped him off at a much bigger one.

Life is no calmer. I have good days and bad days with my RA. The kids went back to school and pre-school today. Buddy is asleep on my feet and I'm drinking tea. Today is a good day.

Obviously I am going to take the puppy to classes. I am thinking of putting a dog costume on Bliss and taking her along too. Buddy is ten weeks old and poos outside. Bliss is almost two and poo's on the mat in the playroom.

I gave up work. It was too much. I am now at SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) once again. I'm wearing my jim-jams as I type and James' football socks. I feel I am where I belong.

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Hehe love this. Loving all the new pics with buddy. I cannot wait to add a doggy to the mix!! Xx