Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gracie five-years-seven-months, three-years-one-month, Bliss twenty-one-months

So DD is three. I wrote about her birthday party here. And Bliss is twenty-one months and wants to potty train which I wrote about here.

And my Gracie girl is five and a half. She has almost finished her first year at school. On her first day she still liked me to pat her on the head to get her poo out, now she comes home saying "So and so got put on the amber light for saying the teacher did farting and everyone laughed."

She talks about boys and makes them cards with hearts on which winds James up no end.

It also winds him up when she picks all his flowers and throws stones and sticks on his precious lawn. He is very funny about his lawn. Ideally only he and his precious chickens (who have stopped laying eggs because they are broody) would be allowed on it. We remind him of this when they escape out of their run and he wants us to help catch them. We sit watching instead and say "Come on Rocky! You can do it!."

DD is obsessed with carrying around a small pink picnic-basket which she calls her "super-case" (suitcase.) It is full of utter junk and very is heavy. Last week she fell down the stairs and landed on it and it gave her a fat lip. She still refuses to be parted from it. When she was asleep last night (after I'd read "The lion who ate all his supper" - AKA The Tiger Who Came To Tea) I had a look inside it. She had packed my insect repellent candle, a carriage clock, three pairs of spare knicker, five big stones and a lip balm.

Bliss often tries to attack DD to get her super-case. DD is petrified of this happening and runs off screaming. Bliss laughs in delight, before easily catching up with her, pulling her hair, biting her and snatching the super-case.

Bliss is very vicious. She has a large vocabulary now but all she really likes to say is "POO" "NO" and "CAKE."  James went on a trip to the zoo with her and DD the other day. DD came back and told me that her favourite animal was the poo she stroked (the giant millipede) and Bliss' was the CAKE.

I was not there as I'm still struggling with the Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is also the reason why this blog post is late. Something I vowed I would never let happen. I'm having to let a lot of things I did not want to happen, happen.

James is often responsible for picking the girl's clothes and styling their hair on the days my fingers don't feel like waking up and working.  He does his best. I wish he did not use the end of the hoover pipe to pull their hair into a ponytail before sliding the band on, but there we go. He tried to win the dad's race for DD at her sports day last week which you can read about here.

The girls are very sweet to me on my bad days. They come and see me in bed and kiss my feet with their little rosebud mouths. They make me cards and stroke my hair.

They are very close to one-another. It's like they are attached on a piece of string. One comes racing down the stairs, and then another, and then the last. It's all I ever wanted, for them to be friends. They spend hours in the garden, naked and covered in mud, playing together under the trampoline or pushing one another on the swings.

They are amazing. I won a brilliance in blogging award last month, but really, it should have had their name on, not mine. They are the brilliant ones. I just write it down.

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