Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Gracie five and three months, Daisy two and nine months, Bliss seventeen months

So Daisy is now at nursery three mornings a week. At least I think she is. The reports I hear back don't sound like the Daisy we know and struggle with. 'Adorable' 'SO polite' 'Bright as a button' 'A caring-sharer' 'Great at yoga!'. It's perplexing. Maybe they have her confused with the other Daisy who also attends.

She always has fun when she goes, but sobs each time I drop her off to ensure that I don't have any myself and instead spend my four hours of freedom feeling guilty. Meanwhile, she is having a ball with the two naughtiest boys in nursery. They don't really like her hanging around with them, but when has that ever put my girl off anything? She screeches at them to eat their sandwhiches and laughs at the subsequent tantrums she creates.

Bliss now goes to the childminder and has a lovely time rugby-tackling the cats and wiping her nose on them. When they run out the cat-flap to get away, she sits in front of it (sulking) so they can't get back in. She still refuses to take her coat off. If I try and get it off her it becomes a wrestling match and I always 'tap-out' first. At least when I take photos of her she looks like she gets out and about alot.

Gracie had her first parent's evening and got a great report. We were allowed to look through her drawer of work. All the other children's drawers were nice and tidy. My little magpie had stuffed hers with bits of tin-foil and feathers and tiny pebbles. The teacher told me how kind she was, and how she always tries to get people to be friends again if they have fallen out. Again, I found this perplexing. At home, her sole purpose seems to be seeing how quickly she can make her siblings cry.

Her school playground backs onto the carpark for Daisy's nursery, so when I pick D up, we go and spy on Gracie. She is always running or skipping or laughing. It's so lovely to see. We don't hear the same reports about Daisy at nursery. She hates going outside. She also hates anyone else going outside. It's the same at home. We will all be in the garden (getting shouted at by James for breathing too close to one of his flowers) while Daisy stands on the doorstep demanding we all come in out the 'chilly chilly'. She also hates the seaside and the snow.

James says I have made old women out of the girls already, as they are obsessed with cups of tea and fleecy trousers. He says this then goes back to his Fish-keeping magazine. Saying that, recently he's been studying lots of cooking books, determined to win the cake-baking competition at Gracie's school. I offered to whip up some of my infamous banana bread. He looked at me like I was a bit simple. Obviously it's not that good afterall.

In other news, our car blew up on the A27 last weekend. James is delighted he never has to be seen in it, on it, or near it again. (Family joke. Years ago we went to France to see my parents. They took us to a car boot sale. Dad saw some stemless wine glasses he liked. Mum told him he had awful taste. Later the same day, mum saw a rug she liked. Delighted at the chance to get his own back, my dad shouted "AWFUL, would not be seen dead in it" then he realised you don't often get seen dead 'in' a rug, so he added 'on it...NEAR IT!")

I must confess I won't be sad to see the back of it. No-one likes having a car they spent thousands of pounds on being referred to as 'the window-licker-mobile'.

We have two new additions to the family. A pair of budgies which Gracie has called 'Sam-I-am' and 'Green-eggs-and-ham'. The children are scared of their loud squawk and they are scared of the children. Especially Bliss who lurks about trying to lick their cuttlefish.

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