Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gracie four-years, eleven-months, Daisy thirty-months, Bliss fourteen-months

So Gracie is almost five. How did that happen? Must have been while I was busy trying to keep an eye on “I am a boy” Daisy and her hard-headed sidekick, Bliss.

I swear Bliss’ head is made of lead. No hat fits it. Books bounce off it (thrown by Daisy). It leaves dents in the wooden floor when she falls. She never seems to even notice hitting it though, especially if she is on the hunt for food. 

She loves snack-time. At playgroups she will be the one propping up the snack-table long after all the other kids have got down to do some singing. I’m forever finding stolen sausage rolls in her pockets.

Daisy has become a chatty genius. She can actually predict the size of her poo before she does it. She will say “I need tiny poo mamma” and soon enough, there it is. Other times she needs “a big long poo” and again, she delivers. Britain does have talent after all.

She also likes to tell me her “nose is falling down” when she needs a tissue, and recently she claimed her “willy was broken” when actually, her balloon animal had untwisted itself into a long sausage shape. 

Gracie thinks she is awfully grown up now. She spends a long time pondering worthy issues and asks questions such as “Do bald heads and no legs come as a set?” (In reference to her Grandad). If her bedroom gets too warm she claims to be “Ninety-miles hot” and if we walk to school she claims “We’ve walked so far we must be in France by now” when we are actually at the end of the road.

We overheard her reading the nativity story to Daisy and Bliss last week. She seems to have gotten Jesus confused with the Donkey. In fact, the whole Donkey part in general seems to have gotten a bit mixed-up. According to Gracie, Mary gave birth to a tired donkey, then a flying donkey (on a ladder of donkeys) broke the news to the three wise men. What a shame she got the part of a cow in the nativity play. She is quite shy though, the donkey may have been too much pressure.

Bliss joins in with her sisters where she can. She can say rabbit, more, milk, and baby. If she needs anything else she just snatches it then runs away cackling. 

I am getting very excited about Christmas. You would not think so if you came round our house, but I can’t put any decorations up as they will either be smashed or eaten.

James is NOT excited about Christmas as he has been roped in to play Santa at the Pre-School Fayre I am organizing on Saturday. A more miserable Santa you never did see. He is more like the Xmas Grinch. Don’t worry, for those who can’t make it, I’ll be sure to post the video up on You-Tube. 

You are all VERY welcome to come though - and please do spread the word. James' other job was to put up the signs advertising the event, which he has not done. He is obviously trying to make it a secret fayre so no-one comes and sees him in his Santa-suit.

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