Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grace four years ten months, Daisy twenty-eight months, Bliss thirteen months

So Bliss had her first birthday, but I can't share any photos with you because I dropped my iphone in the bath. Yes, again. Yes, it is stupid to take a phone in the bath but it's the only time I get a second to use it.

If Grace (who wants to be known as Gracie now she is at school, but still spells her name Craig), Daisy or Bliss see it, they demand to play the Dora game or pretend to ring up people and do poor impressions of me  "HIYA!! YAH YAH, TEA!! SEE SOON!! TA TA!!" in a very high-pitched voice.

James has refused to buy me a new phone. He claims that two Kindles, one new laptop screen and three iphones in one year is more than enough. Tightfist.

I am having to get it mended through the home insurance. It's taking flipping ages and in the meantime I have some old hunk of junk.
It won't ring or light up when receiving a call or text.
It does not recognise ANYONE's number, so after ignoring messages from dear loved-ones for many hours, I then send one of those rude "Who is this?" texts.
VERY inconvenient when trying to win the Babycentre blogging competition I can tell you.

But I won it anyway! Mostly thanks to all you amazing people reading this. Thank you very much for all your help. So many of you gave up your evening to vote and chase votes. It was a very close call.

At one point I became so obsessed with the competition I convinced myself that "second place" was trying to kill me off... when early Saturday morning, I headed out for my run and only made it two footsteps on the deck before going airbourne and landing on my wrist. (Invisible ice)

I would probably still be out there if Gracie had not spotted me and said "Dad, mum is outside laying on her gym-bag" in between shoveling in weetabix. She is very used to seeing me fall over on the deck, being as I did it two weeks ago as well. The neighbours must think I am having a breakdown.

Anyway, four hours and one trip to A&E later I was diagnosed with a sprain and sent home. "FANTASTIC NEWS!" Shrieked James when I phoned to tell him.
"Oh yes" I shot back "Best news since the dog died." (Old family joke. When we announced to my mother that we were engaged, that is what she responded with. She probably meant that it was the first bit of good news she'd had since the sad news about the dog dying. She always seemed to love the dog.)

Anyway, I am fine again now. And I won.

Now I just need to find time to blog. I tried to get cracking today after putting Bliss down for her nap.  I tucked her in, gave her some milk, shut the door, came downstairs, shut the stair-gate and cracked on. Two minutes later my swivel chair started swiveling of it's own accord, or so I thought.  When I looked down, there was Bliss. She had climbed over her cot, opened her door, crawled down the stairs, under the stair-gate and was grinning at me, an empty bottle in her outstretched hand.

Evil genius. I gave up on her napping and plonked her onto the sofa next to fanny-fingers-Daisy who won’t stop fiddling with herself. If it’s not a finger on her wotsit then it’s one up her bum.

Every time I turn round she has whipped her trousers and pants off and is prodding about with her bits. Sometimes she rubs her charlie cloth over it... and goes a bit dreamy... whilst watching Mr Tumble... dressed up as Aunt Suki... Oh god it's so wrong....The things she did with her toy syringe last Sunday. Let’s just say I was horrified when she later shoved it in her Grandad’s ear. SORRY PIP!!!

Grace has become much easier since starting school but I am bored of playing the game where I have to be a naughty child that gets put on an amber warning. It's the only thing she remembers about her day. I'll ask her:

"What did you do?"
"Can't remember"
"Who did you play with?"
"Can't remember"
"What did you eat?"
"Can't remember"
"What do you remember?"
"Leo got put on amber for pushing. It was AMAZING."

We had her first parents morning last week.  She got a glowing report. Polite, well behaved, easy-going, kind, thoughtful, listens to every word.... Miss Foster's long list was interrupted by Daisy singing "Wind a bobbin up" as she merrily ripped pages out of school books.

We must enjoy these good school reports while we can.

I signed Daisy up for Little Kickers thinking it would channel some of her "high spirits". James said he would love to take her and spend some quality time bonding.  I was delighted, and so pleased when he said how much she enjoyed it and joined in. ...Then I bumped into a friend at playgroup. Her son also does Little Kickers. She was telling me how Daisy spends the whole session on James' shoulders while he does all the ball exercises.

They are getting very excited about Christmas. Gracie is watching far too many adverts and keeps ending all her sentences with "New, from Argos".
Daisy, gets confused between between toys and cleaning products. I can understand this.  She always wants Flash fabreeze.
Bliss just pushes the TV over.

I have since found some photos on James' phone... (link below)



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