Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Grace four, Daisy 19months, Bliss four months

So Grace is four "But am I a big four mummy?" She keeps asking. Bless my little pops. She is still at an age where you compete to be older. (note: I am a "little thirty")

She came running down the stairs on her birthday, most excited. I assumed she had found the present I left on the end of her bed, but no. She was excited because she thought her leg length had doubled overnight. The first words she said as a four year old were "Look how extraordinarily long my legs are!"

A couple of days later we went to visit some friends. Grace started tugging her skirt down as we walked up the path. "I don't want everyone to see my long legs" she explained solemnly. Bless her, again, thinking long legs are something to hide (not that they are any longer by the way)

Christmas with four girls was loud and pink and fluffy. Grace preferred everything Daisy had, Daisy just liked the wrapping paper and Bliss was too lazy to even open her gifts. She is becoming a bit of a diva.

It's my fault. Well, actually, it's Daisy's fault (We favour the "pass the blame" culture over the "no blame" culture in our house). Sometimes, when Bliss is in her bouncer, Daisy goes over and drops a flowery kiss on her head, tucks her in and pats her hand...
Other times she goes over, bites her on the foot and pokes her in the eye.
As "The Beast from the East" (as we affectionately call Daisy) wears the same serene expression upon each visit it's hard to tell which way it's going to go.

So to keep Bliss safe, and my biceps toned (always multi-tasking) I have taken to holding her alot, and she likes it. So much so that on the rare occasions I risk putting her down, she lets out an indignant squawk till I pick her back up again.

She has also started to wake at night alot too. Doesn't she know she is supposed to be the easy one? She is hungry I suppose. I can't wean her yet though. Grace still likes to be spoon fed at home ("little four"). If Bliss starts solids I will have to feed her via a spoon poking out my mouth, using a woodpecker technique, whilst simultaneously feeding the other two. Now I know I just bragged about multi-tasking, but that's getting silly.

Life with three is certainly busy. It's very hard for us girls to all leave the house with clean teeth, brushed hair and matching shoes on. Three of us manage, and one (normally me) fails miserably.

I just don't bother looking in the mirror. Why depress myself? James actually ASKED me to go to the hairdressers and get my roots done last week. I must be looking a bit ropey if he is willing, not only to have the brood all morning, but pay an extortionate amount for the pleasure. Still, why look a gift horse and all that...

Daisy is still not saying much. "Backpack" is her word this month. Cheers Dora the Explorer. Not that helpful though. She does not know the word for chocolate but she does know where it is. She stamps her feet, points "dit dit", pats her mouth (sign language for please). When I finally give in and get the packet down she runs over and sits on the mat in front of the fridge, waiting for her prize. It's all a bit Pavlov's dog.

She has started to pat her bum when she wants the loo, and tries to take her clothes off. My Russian friend, who knows everything, told me this was a sure sign she was ready to be potty-trained. So I took her nappy off, and showed her the potty. I even got Grace to do a wee in the potty so she understood. The first time we tried, she watched us all with a frown, then went and weed all over Bliss on her playmat. The second time I got the potty out she filled it with crisps and did a poo on the floor. Needless to say potty training has gone on hold.

The most common sentence used in our house goes like this "Daisy, no. Daisy, no. DAISY NO NO NO NO NO! Stop it. It's NOT funny. No." (James is actually saying it as I type this.)

Grace and Daisy are "into" dressing up this month. They will spend ages rummaging through the chest in Daisy's bedroom, but always come downstairs in the same outfits. Grace appears first. She wears her snow white dress, a tiara or two, some plastic high heels, a handbag on her wrist and a white fluffy shawl....
A few seconds later... stumble-trip-stumble-trip, comes Daisy, naked save for a grass skirt like baloo's in the Jungle Book. It falls down within seconds too.

Lord knows what Bliss will come down in once she is bigger. I just can't imagine in. I am still struggling to picture her with teeth. All her lovely hair is falling out (helped by a cheeky tug here and there from Daisy). I am a bit sad, but it was going an alarming shade of ginger, so maybe it's for the best. Better luck next time Blissy pops.

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