Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Grace almost Four, Daisy 18 months, Bliss 11 weeks

So Grace is almost four. A big girl, but not really. Her last nursery report said she showed zero interest in reading or writing, but was the best playdoh hider/eater they had ever had. Great news. Not sure how she will make a career out of it.

It's just as well she can always fall back on her mad wrestling skills. She spends most of her time charging round the house with Daisy in a headlock. Rather than use the traditional "tapping out method" to get Grace to let go, Daisy prefers to grab fistfuls of hair instead. On a plus side, the high pitched squeals create just the sort of white noise that babies like, so Bliss is happy.

Daisy is still refusing to talk. I swear she only doesn't do it to annoy me. 'Woof woof' and 'Mumma' are about all she manages. She does not mean to call me a dog though (I hope?)

Putting up the Christmas tree with her around was a bit of a waste of time. She pulled it over five minutes later (by climbing on the sofa and lauching herself at it) and then got busy eating my posh fairy lights (with Grace helping). It now looks like one of those trees you see in the middle of very poor areas. Chained down with very high-up lights and no decorations in case they get stolen.

Grace can't understand why she is not allowed to take all the things off it. She is still well in the "Why" phase. When answers fail me, I turn to song "Because because because because because.... because of the wonderful things he does. We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz" and so on.
If teamed with the linked-arms-yellow-brick-road-dance, it normally distracts her. Sometimes I have to pretend to be the scarecrow and fall over on my wobbly legs. I get up sharpish though, before the girls leap on me for a "bundle". Nothing to do with me. One of James' silly games.

My games are all based round "Tidy up the nursery" from Mary Poppins. Not quite as fun though, as there is no magic to help us. Grace clicks her fingers a few times in the direction of mess, then goes off and makes more in another corner. Daisy thinks the point of me putting things away is SO she can go and pull them all out again. Oh the joy of being a Virgo in a house full of messy people.

Bliss is still being everything her name suggests. The only thing that bothers her is having her nose wiped. She goes into survival mode, thrashing her head about from side to side. The look on her face says "Why are you doing this?! You are supposed to look after me, not try to kill me."

I normally only need feed Bliss once in the night. Still tiring though, and counts when playing the "Who is more knackered game" with my spouse. A very silly and dangerous competition to start (especially when some people are SO desperate to win they download a sleep analyser on their iPhone to PROVE how lightly/badly/brokenly/they slept.... My response? I wish I had the energy to fanny about playing on my phone all the time. I am far too tired.. See how the game works?)

Grace has started ballet lessons in a local church hall. Too sweet, and very funny. When it gets to the "modern" bit they do bum shaking to 'Firework' by Katy Perry while us mums snigger in the 70's kitchen. Daisy stands in the wings, desperate to join in. Her dancing is less Katy Perry, more Michael Flatley however. She does very fast feet stamping with her arms by her sides.

Daisy loves her feet, and her shoes, and other people's shoes. She spends Wednesday afternoons at the Church playgroup stealing footwear, then doing that very silly walk (normally only seen in shoe shops) where you clomp about wearing one shoe. Children are very possessive about their shoes. There are soon shouts of "Mummmmyyy, he's got my shoe on. It's MY shoe mummy, MINE!" Even with her little necklace people still think my princess is a lad.

She is OBSESSED with the Gruffalo. We have to watch the DVD about ten times a day. She hollers at the end when the nut falls down because she knows it's about to finish, so we have to rewind it again. Grace HATES it. "It's boring Dais. Let's watch BFG instead, or Superted."

I hid the Superted DVD recently. I had to. The only bit Grace likes is the theme tune. Not sure if anyone remembers but it's a woman singing "Superted shoots through the sky, like a streak of red" then repeating the word Superted over and over, getting higher and higher. Grace squeaks along out of time and out of key. Just when I think I can take no more Daisy turns the DVD player off. Grace cries and pushes her, Daisy bites her. Grace gets her in a headlock. Bliss dreams on.

It's hard to believe Grace will be four this week, and starting school next year. I do hope she learns to stand up for herself a bit more before then. When I picked her up from pre-school last week and asked her how her day was she said "Well, Joy trod on my fingers, Hilary punched me on the nose, Denise pulled my hair and Barbara ate all my lunch, but don't tell them I told you okay mumma?" Slightly worrying, especially as Joy, Barbara, Hilary and Denise are the teachers.

We are fully prepared for the girls to prefer boxes and wrapping paper to their actual presents this year. After realising we had not bought Bliss anything, nor put her on her front for "tummy time" or any of that yet, James bought her the MacDaddy of all activity mats.

It looked so exciting and wondrous I set it up at once, lay my precious bundle of Bliss on it and was just welling up over the delighted look on her face, when all of a sudden I heard a stampede.... then watched her two rhino sisters charge over, climb on it/her/knock it over/tread on her face and run off with all the dangly bits, leaving poor Bliss howling. She is now too scared to go anywhere near it. Her face crumples if we try. Cheers girls.

Grace got a CD player with microphone from her nanny and grandad as an early birthday present and now spends hours in her room loudly crooning along to "I know you, I danced with you once upon a dream" and "So this is love, Mmmm hmmm hmm hmm" in her best posh princess voice. I have to smother my sniggers in one of Daisy's charlie cloths. James manages
to choke out "Lovely singing choppy" before having to go and howl into his fist in the garden.

So excited about Christmas with my brood this year. I can't wait to leave carrots and mince pies out on Christmas eve, tiptoe into bedrooms to hang loaded stockings on the end of beds in the middle of the night,and watch looks of delight on little faces when they see that Santa has been. (Rememeber the joy of waking up and hearing the crinkle of wrapping paper as you move your feet?)

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Merry Christmas all

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