Monday, 9 May 2011

Grace 3 years 4 months ; Daisy 10 months

So my girls are getting hormonal already. Grace has ten tantrums a day, which involve lots of stomping upstairs to her bedroom, (dressed as Snow White/Cinderella/Dorothy) shouting and throwing things about.

Meanwhile downstairs, Daisy has learnt what "NO" means - but if you say it to her she rolls around on the floor howling like a (non) injured footballer.

Add me to the mix with my highly irrational, unpredictable, vicious bad tempers and then spare a thought for poor James. NOT as poor as me however. HE just gets the fun bit of baby making. I am doing all the real hard work. Putting up with my bad moods is a walk in the park compared to what I am going through (the last sentence gets shouted to him daily as I stomp up the stairs to throw things round my bedroom).

We had our second scan on Friday. Waller the third is very wriggly indeed. We did not find out what we are having, but my bets are on it being another stroppy sister for Grace and Daisy.

Moodiness aside, I am feeling much better and am no longer suffering with excess saliva. (For the first few months of this pregnancy I walked round dribbling. I simply could not contain my saliva. It would spill out from between my teeth whenever I opened my mouth.) James is particularly pleased this phase has ended as at least now when I shout at him I don't cover him with spittle.

I get in a mood over anything at the minute. The other night I was in bed reading and James was in his study playing music at that hideously annoying level where you can't quite work out what the song is, you can just hear the drums and bass. I honestly wanted to throttle him. THEN he went and cooked some sausages and the smell made me gag so I got up and opened all the windows and lit lots of candles. Mr health and safety (James) then moved them all in front of open windows so those that did not get blown out scented the evening air outside instead of my stinky sausage house. I was so cross I had to bite my pillow. He is taking it all in his stride, but I watched him play racquet ball the other morning and I swear he called my name as he pelted the ball with all his might (and swore).

** (on this topic - does ANYONE remember the You Bet episode where someone guessed which song was playing from the way a candle flickered in front of the speaker? James is adamant I have made it up... but why would I? I could make up much better things than that, surely?)

Grace is demonstrating her father's competitive streak. She races the other kids at swimming and has to finish everything before Daisy does. Daisy is much more like me, and her Uncle Mickey. We used to spend hours playing catch, never wanting to beat the other one at tennis - we just liked to see how long we could keep the ball going back and forth. My brother was the best skipping partner I ever had.

Grace does play with Daisy, but she makes her play the bespeckled ginger boy out of Little Einsteins, or Gus Gus, the fat mouse with big ears from Cinderella, while she is always the queen, princess or fairy.

Daisy does not seem bothered. Her favourite thing to do is crawl round the garden and eat all the guinea pig pooh before we can stop her (and remember what happens if we tell her NO. James calls her Didier Drogba). When I use the computer she sits under the table and sucks my toes, like a lovely dog. She likes crawling round with squeaky toys in her mouth, and knocking her dinner bowl/yoghurt out my hand as I feed her, then clapping with glee as it splats up the wall and all over the floor - and she LOVES pulling the old ladies' hair who sit in front of us at church on Sunday.

Grace's new favourite film is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. She loves "Julie Scrumptious". Daisy's favourite programme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse She stands in front of the TV (blocking Grace's view), eating soil out the plant pot and shouting "dat! dat! dat!" when she sees Minnie Mouse. Daisy likes to eat.... soil, biscuits, toast, cake, skips, chocolate buttons, grass, bananas, the dried weetabix from under the dining table (why does weetabix turn to glue seconds after hitting the floor? I spend a depressing amount of time on my hands and knees chipping it off with the back of a teaspoon)

We took the girls to the zoo in half term. Grace spent the first half following a girl round who had the same coat on Grace used to have, demanding she give it back - and the second half howling with fear over the singing plastic monkey. Me and Daisy just wanted to eat ice cream.

I am still mad on risotto, but James only makes it for me on the rare nights when I have not had a temper tantrum.

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