Saturday, 12 February 2011

Grace 3 years 2 months, Daisy 8 months

So Grace is 3 and a bit, and Daisy is eight months old. Grace was crawling by this age, but Daisy prefers to rock on all fours whilst making a growling noise instead.

Grace had already had two haircuts by this age, Daisy's hair has only just started growing.

You know when men get old and their hair gets thin and they use hairspray on it to try and thicken it out a bit? Daisy's hair looks just like that.

It's mad to have two girls that are so very different. All Grace wanted to do at this age was get mobile. All Daisy wants to do is grab things and try and eat them. Wipes, nappies, newspapers....she even had a good go at James' big toe this morning (she must have thought it was a block of cheese bless her).

She honestly eats more than Grace and I put together, and when she is not eating (or even sometimes when she is) she is doing massive cowpat poos.

We took the girls to see "Tangled" with some of Grace's friends a couple of weeks ago. I never realised how tiny Grace was until I sat her in the cinema seat. She looked so sweet, and small.
 We had to strip off jumpers and coats to prop her up with. I thought she would keep getting out her seat but it was like she was glued to it (as was James).

She held her friend Beth's hand the whole time and did very good penny-sweet sharing. We topped the day off with a McDonald's on the way home (James did not have anything, and tutted at us in disgust. Grace was very impressed with the whole experience however and keeps asking if we can have "happy chips through the car window" for dinner).

Grace has fully embraced the pink world of princesses now. Belle, Snow White or Cinderella adorn every item she owns, from her pants to her lunchbox. If we are not doing a princess jigsaw we are watching one of the films, drawing a picture of one, or best of all - dressing up as princesses and witches and acting out Grace's very repetitive game. This is how it goes:

Grace dresses up as Cinderella, then sweeps the floor whilst looking very sad.
I have to come in (dressed as a fairy godmother) and ask her what is wrong.
She tells me she can't go to the ball as she has so much sweeping to do.
I announce who I am, then skip about with great gusto turning lego boxes into carriages and brooms into fairy wands whilst doing alot of "Bibbety bobbety boos"
Just as she is about to go off to the ball I have to suddenly turn into an EVIL witch and announce she cannot go to the ball afterall!
LUCKILY the fairy godmother left her wand behind and Grace uses this to melt me with.
She then gets into the lego box and punts herself along the floor, using the fairy wand as an oar announcing she is off to the ball and will see me later.
Then we do it all over and over again.

James goes through a similar charade at bedtime. After being forced to read the one-page story from Dora's annual 2011, he bought Grace a new book. "Dora's Ten Best Adventures" - but Grace only likes one of them - Dora saves the Mermaid Kingdom (the worst one) so James just reads that over and over again instead, while I sit next door in Daisy's room laughing to myself.

You see, Daisy has been going down to bed really easily now (EVERYONE READING THIS TOUCH WOOD) for ages. All I have to do is put her in a dark room, pass her her bottle of milk and Bob's your uncle. She falls asleep in seconds, and I used to get a nice half an hour lie down while James read Grace "Dora saves the mermaid princess over and over again, then made many trips up and down the stairs to make Grace a cup of tea/swap the cup for a pink one/swap the tea for juice.

I would listen to him putting all the toys away.. and would finally appear just as I heard the oven door open announcing my dinner, wearing a "that was a bit of a nightmare" face...
Well I did..... till the other night when Grace decided she wanted me to put her to bed not James.. so he did Daisy and caught me out. I am beyond gutted. There is a DVD player in Daisy's room and sometimes I would even watch ten minutes or so of Twilight. You can imagine how this went down when it all came out...

So everything is going well. We have had a couple of blips. My tumble drier broke a couple of weeks ago. This might not seem like a big deal to many people, but anyone who has ever lived with me will be able to tell you how much I LOVE washing. So much so, much to James' delight, and my shame, our Google earth picture shows my house with a big basket of washing outside it, waiting to go in Mr. Tumble.

Dear Mr.Tumble. He truly was an old pal. I have to admit, the new one is much better and quicker, but it's quieter - so I can't hear if it's working. I keep having to go and check, which is annoying. My favourite noises are the washing machine, dishwasher and tumble drier (and the sound of my daughter's laughter of course). Ideally I have them all going at the same time.

James' favourite noises are Sky Sports on the downstairs TV, another type of sports on the upstairs one, sport radio in the bedroom and Sky news on the laptop (and his daughter's laughter) - all at the same time.

Grace likes singing now, so over the top of all my white goods and James' sports stations you can hear "A whole NEEEEEEEWWW world" or "Beauty and theeee BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAST" and Daisy loves music so she gets on all fours and starts rocking out whilst doing loud dribbly growling.

Grace's Top Five comments this month
Me to James: I went to the beautician's today and got my waxing done
Grace to me: Did you get a lolly and a sticker?

James to the waitress at Zizzi: Please may I have the steak?
Grace to the waitress at Zizzi: My daddy likes MEAAAAAAAT

Me to James: You are a.. nincompoop
Grace to James: Yes daddy, you are an incomepipe

Me to Grace: What do you want for dinner?
Grace to me: Toad in the road and Jammy dodgeits

Me to Daisy: Stop whinging Daisy, dinner is coming
Grace to Daisy: Yeah, stop whinging Daisy, you are a big oogie woogie poo bum

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