Friday, 20 November 2009

Grace - 23 months

So Grace is 23 months old.. and is a cheeky little monkey. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed last night and she said "No, bed bit boring" then ran off shouting "Chase me chase me".

The days of calling us mummy and daddy are long gone. She now says "Mumdad make me cup o tea"
"Mumdad get up and play"
"Mumdad make me sandwich"
"Mumdad take me wee wees"

She also likes to comment on absolutely everything. If, for example she spills her drink she will say "Uh oh wet, mum clean up" or if she throws her crayons all over the floor she will say "Uh oh mess, mum clean up" and stand over me as I do so. Other 'Uh ohs' include 'uh oh, wind, uh oh, rain, uh oh, dark."

We have been having a bit of a battle getting her to sleep at night. Ever since we got back from our honeymoon she has not wanted to sleep in her cot, in fact she has not wanted to sleep at all really.

After two weeks of her still being up at midnight and physically making herself sick if we tried to put her in her cot we decided to take action.

After extensive research we bought a ladybird with wings that light up and project stars and moons all over the ceiling (designed to create a soothing atmosphere) and made a "soothing" playlist and shoved on repeat, all night long (in case she woke up).

For the first week or so it worked a treat. She actually asked to go to bed. She did not even want me to read to her first, she just wanted her playlist on. We were ecstatic, we had our evenings back. We could actually eat dinner together...

Alas it was not to last. She woke at about 4am the other morning and shouted at the top of her voice "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MORE NIGHT GARDEN, PLEASE NO MORE NIGHT GARDEN!!"

Her nursery recently redesigned their outdoor play area and invited us to a garden party/grand opening.

It really was impressive and lots of people had lent a hand. Mums and dads helped with the digging and planting and assembling of plastic cars (not us).

One dedicated parent had even run a marathon to raise the money to buy a little wooden wendy house (I don't think he got many sponsors to be honest, it looked of inferior quality).

It had a lovely pink bow across the front though, and he arrived wearing his tracksuit (perhaps THE tracksuit he did the marathon in?) brandishing freshly sharpened scissors to cut the ribbon after the presentation.... which is when we noticed that Grace had already ripped it off and was busy playing inside!

She likes to hide inside her pink tent at home and pretend to sleep (she pulls a cover over her head and does loud snoring), eat playdoh in vast quantities or better still rub it all over her hair then come and show me "Look mum, party hair".

What a shame washing her hair is not a party. It's lots of tears and tantrums and trying to run away. It's almost as bad as washing James'.

Grace is still a diehard Dora fan. She has to watch it the second she wakes up and then talk about it for the rest of the day

"Uh oh, Benny stuck balloon, Dora and Boots Rescue,YAY! We did it"

She has learned the "We did it dance" (it plays at the end of each painfully cheerful episode).

She jumps up and shouts " Woo, yay, we did it!!" then bends her knees, thrashes her arms about over he head and wiggles her bum.

James bought her a toy which plays various Dora songs so long car journeys are never dull these days. I have to confess it does help her learn things, she counted to twelve the other day, like this "One, two, nine, ten, twelve, Well done Grace, good counting"

She often congratulates herself "Good drawing Grace"
"Good running Grace"
"Good eating Grace"

She has a plastic toy spider which she likes to throw on the floor then run off shouting "EEEk, spider, too scared!" I think she got it from a Peppa Pig episode, or maybe from her daddy. Who knows.

She is displaying some fancy football footwork. James and his dad had a conversation about it the other day, I heard things like "Did you see that dragback she just did?!" We are going to sign her up to Socatots.

I think it might suit her more than ballet lessons. She learned a bit of that too, from another equally annoying programme called Humf.

Humf and his friend Loon learn ballet and Grace copies. She spins round and round then puts one leg in the air and promptly falls over. She has also learnt ice skating from Peppa Pig. She skids round the living room saying "Push push, glide, push push glide" just like they do in the 'Snowy day' episode.

She is growing and changing so much. She just is not a little baby anymore, and I miss that - so it's just as well we are going to have another baby in June!

It's very exciting news. I was over the moon when I fell pregnant right away. James was delighted too of course, but I don't think he would have minded if it had taken a bit longer, he was quite enjoying all the trying.

It was only then however that I remembered how not fun the first three months of being pregnant are.

To be fair I was really lucky with Grace. I did not feel sick at all, did not show for ages and was very serene (considering).

THIS time round I have felt sick as a pig since week five, been so exhausted I have fallen asleep in my dinner on more than one occasion, developed the kind of acne that makes people wince when they see me (see aforementioned falling asleep in dinner comment?) and had such greasy hair I had to wash it twice a day.

I have spent alot of the last 12 weeks sobbing on my sofa whilst eating small cubes of cheese (it helps).

I am getting past all that now though thank god. I am still not feeling 100% and the only glow I get is from sweating after walking up the stairs. I started this pregnancy a size 6, I can't describe the shameful size of my thighs now, it's too depressing and may therefore force me back to the cheese packet for comfort.

James says it does not matter and I look great and it will all "drop off" after the birth. He has been marvellous. He took me to London to go maternity clothes shopping, did not baulk at the price of things and didn't even laugh when the tights I bought come up to my breasts (I think it depressed him as much as it did me)

He has dutifully gone to the shops very early each morning to buy whatever it is I have demanded for breakfast that day. It's always very different from what I wanted the day before and chances are I will never eat it again after that day either.

He has run baths, rubbed my back, even sat through five series of Dawson's Creek (I watch it in bed at night. Hating Dawson makes me feel less sick, I have somewhere to channel all my misery)

He tells me I look beautiful every day (he does not look at me when he says this though). What a marvellous husband I have. I do feel he has been shortchanged slightly. By the time we got back from our honeymoon the top button of my jeans would not do up and I started sleeping in his t-shirts for comfort.

Ten weeks down the line and I go to bed at 7.30pm, spend most days in tears and only smile if he comes home brandishing a new packet of Mature-yet-mellow cheddar.

Anyway, if the end result of all of this crying and eating and stretching is anything like Grace then it will all be worth it. It was amazing going to the scan, nothing prepares you for the way you feel when you see your tiny baby come up on the screen.

Grace lay calmly on her back when we had first saw her on screen, but this baby kicked and thrashed and did summersaults, a show off already!

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