Thursday, 1 October 2009

Grace - 21 months

So Grace is almost 22 months old, and talks in sentences.
Bossy ones...

"Daddy make bix bix" (oatabix),
"Mummy open lunchbox" (at 8am on the way to nursery)
"Mummy more Ben" (Ben and Holly's little kingdom. Grace refuses to acknowledge Holly though, she just loves Ben. She even does a special Ben dance, it involves stamping then spinning round till she falls over)
"Mummy read more" (after I have already done three chapters of The Famous Five* and am desperate for Grace to sleep so I can go and sit down and have my dinner.)

*The Famous Five are a jolly boring bunch aren't they? All they do is go on bike rides and drink ginger pop and eat scotch eggs

"Mummy, kisspops" - This means Grace wants a kiss, but she only ever asks if I am driving or asleep. Sometimes she climbs on me and does long snogging with her mouth open to wake me up.

And finally, after getting us all up at 5am every morning she will say "Daddy Grace want bed"..... just as we are leaving to take her to nursery).

Needless to say we missed her like mad when we went on our honeybobs.

The first couple of days were fine, as we spent them sleeping and dissecting the wedding in minute detail... but James soon got bored of that.

By Wednesday he was also bored of sunbathing and by Thursday we started getting ready for the evening buffet at about 4pm and were hanging around in the foyer by about 5.35pm. (The buffet started at 7pm)

Mauritius really is paradise and our resort was amazing, it's rated one of the top 100 hotels in the world and it's easy to see why - the only problem is, I have never been comfortable letting everyone do everything for me.

I can handle having my chair pulled out, and my napkin placed in my lap, and my water poured for me, and lavender water sprayed on my face every half an hour, and cold flannels wiped over me, and my sunbed moved each time it started to slip into the shade and slippers laid by my bed and chocolate on my pillow but I am NOT an invalid. When the waitresses tried to carry my plate back from the buffet for me, it became a very polite tug of war with lots of smiling and bowing at one another.

I soon had it sussed though, and made my way back to our table via the strategically placed palm trees so she could not see me. She could hear me however as my snazzy shoes made clip clop noises as I walked.

I did not realise that we would have to dress smart for dinner. I only had flip flops with me. James had to buy me some posh sandals from the hideously expensive clothes shop in the resort, knowing full well I would NEVER wear them again once we got home.

That annoyed him. Almost as much as when he had to buy me some double-the-price crocs from the beach shop because the coral hurt my feet, knowing full well I would not be seen dead in them at home.

I think he got most annoyed when he had to buy me some triple-the-price and one-size-too-big-trainers from the sports shop because I wanted to go to the gym though.
I bribed him into it by telling him it meant we could also play tennis which I was rather good at, he soon discovered that was a lie.
I blame it on the too big trainers. I felt like a clown. They were bright white and I had to wear them with long thick socks to try and make them fit better, James walked behind me whenever I wore them and said "I'm an ameeericaaaan" a lot under his breath. Needless to say I won't be wearing them again.

We hired bikes out a couple of times and cycled into the local villages to buy some very out of date chocolate and gone-flat coke, which I refused to eat or drink.

I drank 15 pineapple cocktails a day instead, which cost about as much as one month's mortgage repayment. Of course now I am back home and can have as much pineapple juice as I like without it breaking the bank I can't stand the sight of the stuff.

I spent a lot of the honeymoon talking to James, only to realise (after about ten minutes or so) that he was playing on his iphone and not listening to me at all.

For example, I devised what I thought was a winning game to keep us entertained at the airport. It involved standing by the hole with flaps over it where the suitcases came out and guessing how many cases would come out before ours.

I was getting really into it, saying things like "Right, ours will be the eleventh one, so that's one, two, three, four, was that four or three? Oh damn I've lost count, let's start again" and so on, only to turn around at number 52 to find James sat ten meters away (playing on his iphone) while lots of people openly laughing at me.

It's so good to be back at home with Grace. We were fully prepared for the silent treatment but she was delighted to see us, and very keen to try on all my new shoes.

The last few weeks before the wedding were so stressful so it's nice to back to normal but I do miss being a bride. It went in such a blur. I remember waking at up at 5am and watching Meg sleep (which she found a bit alarming) and the next thing I knew it was 9.30pm and I was shattered.

I feel like I didn't get time to speak to everyone, and we never cut the cake or did the first dance (which we had practiced and involved some serious slappin' leather) and I forgot to get my guest book signed or take my beautiful bouquet home but I don't care because it was perfect and I would not change a thing.

I can't wait to watch the wedding video with Meg and Vicky and Ash and Cat and Michelle and cry lots. I also can't wait to play the Twilight board game my AMAZING Aunt Shirley bought me with them either. She also bought me a Twilight fleece blanket with a life size picture of Edward on it which is draped over my knees as I write. I will have to hide it again before James gets home, I know he has plans to deface it, honestly - he can be so immature at times.

So anyway, I am Mrs.Waller at last. Do I drop the fact I am married into every sentence possible and spend hours practising a new signature? Why of course I do! I am sure it will wear off soon and I will go back to normal. My tan is already peeling, but that's OK, now I am married I can stop making so much effort.. ;)
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