Wednesday, 15 April 2009

So Grace is almost 16 months old, and her two great loves are shoes and peppa pig. She loves visitors coming so she can put their shoes on (always on the right feet I might add). Her own shoe collection has grown rapidly, reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago:

I like shoes an awful lot
Boots when it's cold
Sandals when hot
I show them off with bicycle clips
Socks, stockings, flops flips
High heels, low heels, slippers, sneakers
Plimsolls,wellies, Jesus creepers
Come sun, rain, hail or sleet
I have the right footwear on my feet

Her favourite shoes have ducks on, and whilst wearing them she periodically stops to point at her feet and say"nak nak" (quack quack).

On her first day at nursery she came home with someone else's (hideous) shoes, after we had just spent an extortionate amount on some lovely green wellies. She was clearly not impressed with them however so swapped them for some high-chav Lelli kelly boots adorned with glitter and sparkle Jackson Pollock style. The little magpie!

Nursery is going really well. Grace has a lovely time, secretly. When we go to pick her up we sneak a peek through the window first and watch her running round with plastic toy animals in her mouth being the class clown, but the second we walk inside she drops everything and runs to us arms outstretched wailing her head off as if she has had the worst time in the world. Once we have picked her up and put her coat on she turns to all her friends and says bye bye bye bye bye bye over and over.

We had to make Easter bonnets for them last week. I spent all the night before covered in glue and tissue paper (massive thanks to Caroline and Sarah for their help by the way) making the perfect bonnet, but the next morning Grace woke up with very sore eyes. I felt so awful taking her off to nursery - you never saw a more miserable Easter bunny (see photos) all day long I was gripped with anxiety that I had made her go into nursery ill but when I phoned at lunchtime they told me " Your daughter is currently parading round with her Easter bonnet on grinning at everyone" AND we won best homemade bonnet!! I shall keep it forevermore. (Of course even though James had nothing to do with the bonnet making he quickly started getting proud texts from his mummy and daddy congratulating him on making a winning bonnet!!! Such a credit stealer, but I suppose I had better let him off since he FINALLY proposed!!!!)

So anyway,when Grace is not wearing other people's shoes she is busy reading Peppa Pig books. She digs them out her toy box and plants herself on our laps chanting "Peppa peppa" and makes us read them again and again and again. Peppa loves dressing up, Peppa loves spaghetti, Peppa loves muddy puddles, when we get to the page which says Peppa and George are in the bath and the bubbles are all tickly! she starts giggling because she knows we are going to tickle her.

Yesterday morning I put Grace's breakfast (weetabix which she feeds herself (messily) with a little spoon) at the table and she raced over to pull out her high chair (she loves her breakfast) but then heard the Peppa Pig theme tune start on the telly and raced back to the sofa to watch that instead. Every time daddy pig comes on she goes up to the telly and says "da da"!! (Could be worse, our friends daughter calls the Gruffalo Daddeeeeee!!)

She is sleeping through the night now, AT LAST and anyone reading this must touch wood at once!

I put her in her cot and read to her till she drops off to sleep. I love watching her eyelids droop as she listens to me read The Faraway Tree or some Judy Blume story from my youth. Reading to her is my favourite part of the day, that or our singing sessions when she does all the actions to twinkle twinkle little star then gives herself a big clap afterwards. She is so very proud of herself, especially her big round tummy. She pats it when she is in the bath and giggles (NB:She did not learn this off me).

She is growing up so fast now, she lays on the sofa and reads books to herself, or sits at her highchair feeding herself dinner and I still marvel that I made her, those lovely chubby legs and gold hair (Yes, gold, NOT ginger) that clever little brain.

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