Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Grace - 15 months

So Grace is almost 15 months old, and she can walk and talk!

I never knew babies could talk this young until an online newsletter thing I signed up to told me so via email.
It said "By now your baby should be saying 15 to 20 words and learning new ones all the time."
"Nonsense" I thought to myself, but picked up a book of animals and started to read it to Grace all the same.
Bear, I said
"air" said Grace back to me. "A fluke" I thought to myself and turned the page
" Bat" I said
"at" said Grace
And so it went on fish (ish) shoes (ooes) zebra (bra) dog (woof woof) monkey (ooh ooh ohh (don't ask)). She is now obsessed with the animal book, it's all she wants to look at.

It's quite big so she drags is over, huffing and puffing, then lands sweaty and triumphant on my lap and starts turning the pages, pointing "ish ish". Sometimes she likes to give all the animals a kiss, sometimes only the snake gets one (sssssss).

She starts nursery this week so we have been busy buying lunchboxes and wellies (FACT: Kids loves wellies - Grace is not happy unless they are halfway on or off her feet, in sight, on one of her teddies or in her arms as she sleeps sighing "ooes oees" to herself again and again).

We have taken her for a couple of "settling in sessions" at her nursery to see how quickly she will adjust. At 10.30am it's snack time, so all the children put down their toys and head towards the teeny tiny table to sit on a teeny tiny chair and have a teeny tiny snack, all of them except Grace of course who watched scornfully from the side of the room.

When I carried her over and sat her in a chair next to the others she stood back up, ate her piece of kitchen roll, stole someone elses' beaker, threw it on the floor in disgust when she realised it was only water and the climbed on the table and tried to stamp on breadsticks.

Apparently this is very normal behaviour though so I'm not too alarmed. She is very sweet at nursery, a mixture of shy (like mummy), cocky (like daddy), friendly (like mummy) and a bit of a show off (daddy again!). When I finally wrestled her into a chair she slouched in it with her feet on the table in a very cool fashion. Is this a taster of what we have in store?!!

We got sent back from the "settle in session" with a form I need to fill in all about Grace, what she likes and does not like, when she naps, her favourite toy etc. There is also a section for us to write her favourite songs down. It's slightly embarrassing, the other kids probably like 'The Wheels on the Bus' or 'Humpty Dumpty'. Grace does not know any of those songs. She knows the ones sung to her by the hideous dancing hippos and dogs and teddies her nanny and grandad buy her so I had to write down 'Ring of fire - Johnny Cash'
'I know it's only rock n' roll but I like it - Rolling Stones
' 'Do you love me - The Contours'
'I'm just a love machine - Wham'
'What a wonderful world - Louie Armstrong'

I do hope she does not get bullied, it's unlikely though as her feet are actually bricks and her fingers are octopus tentacles. She possesses surprising strength, which she occasionally demonstrates by dragging a heavy toy or book over to James when he is laying down then dropping it on his head before creasing up laughing. Life is very funny for Grace.

She is just starting to get my eye colour. It's slightly unsettling when she glares at me in a temper and I see myself. She also has my picky eating habits. At nursery all the other kids tucked into jacobs crakers and bits of banana. Grace slung them on the floor and said "air air" (pom bear crisps). Her nanny is teaching her Mackerton sign language.

She has been taught the sign for "where" ( raised palms). When we sit down and go through her animal book she shrugs at each one we point out as if to say "You say there is a cat, but I can't see one. Where is this cat you speak of?"

I love it when she looks at me like I am the one who is slightly childish.

She is still not a brilliant sleeper but she has a brilliant daddy who gets up endlessly and passes her milk or tucks her back in. Occasionally he asks me to do it (when I say ask, I actually mean he kicks me sharply on the ankle and rolls over).

I finally joined the local gym. I did a charity run a couple of weeks ago and needed to get in shape beforehand. All the Wallers were supposed to be taking part but they dropped out one by one using very poor excuses till it was just me left representing them. I am proud to say I did 5 miles in just over 40 minutes which is much faster than James could have done. He would only have employed the aforementioned ankle kick anyway so it's just as well. (He will tell you different but we all know he tripped his little sister up years ago when they were racing).

I can't wait for summer with Grace now she is on her feet. My garden is alive with daffodils (well actually, there are only 4 of them but my garden slopes very sharply and planting the bulbs was risky business. I had to cling onto trees for dear life. James finds this hilarious of course and constantly makes jokes such as "I wandered lonely as a daffodil" etc etc)

We even have a rope swing which Grace can go on. We took her to London zoo this weekend and had a lovely time looking at the one monkey we saw (don't bother going to London zoo).

The underground is fun with a baby. James showed off his surprising strength lifting the buggy with Grace in it up and down stairs while I just got in the way! Everyone in the carriage knew all the animals in our animal book by the time we got back to Brighton so that was nice.

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