Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Grace - 1 year old

So Grace is a year old. I drove James mad on Christmas eve (eve) saying "This time last year my waters broke."
"This time last year my labour pains started."
"This time last year we were on the way to hospital"
" This time last year you were chasing me, naked, the labour ward "
and so on. Grace was born at 6am last Christmas eve. This Christmas eve James woke me at 5.50am with a cup of tea and we sat together talking about how amazing it was when we met our little girl. I cried lots, James yawned.

Christmas with a baby is undoubtedly more fun. You get double the amount of presents to open for a start. Try as she might, Grace can't even manage James' rubbish wrapping yet.

She was ridiculously spoilt this year. Her pile of presents included a rocking horse, a train set, a teddy bear who sings humpty-dumpty in a very posh voice, various talking books, building blocks, a bike and a fairy castle tent - but her favourite was the empty cardboard tube from the wrapping paper, of course. I'd been playing with it, saying "Hellooooo " down it into her ear, (aren't I fun?!) then about half an hour later I was upstairs sorting out the washing when I heard a funny noise. I went to have a look and found Grace had gotten hold of the tube and was saying "dddiiiiiittttttt" down it in her loudest voice then giggling like a maniac.

I think she is going to be a stand up comedian. Everytime she gets on her feet she starts chortling. The other night James and I were watching a funny film (Waiting for Guffman). Grace was nearby and thought she was the reason we were laughing so started to do tricks like shaking her head from side to side very quickly, clapping, then laughing so hysterically she fell over.

She took NINE steps on her own the other day. NINE!! I thought I was going to burst with pride watching her wobble her way over to James, holding her little bucket. She is unbelievably sweet. The way she she gets excited when you give her marmite on toast in the morning, the way she likes to crawl around with a slice of plastic cheese in her mouth (From her toy kitchen. She is too young to play kitchens properly, instead she uses the whole thing as a giant walker and pushes it along like a street-seller) the way she tries to jump out our arms into the bath.

I've just started to give her decaff tea. We have a cup/bottle together in the afternoon with a ginger biscuit. I love it. She is the best friend I never had. I must stop her thieving habit though. She came out of Sussex Stationers last week reading "That's not my puppy". We never even noticed till we were halfway down the road! She must have plucked it off the shelf and hid it in her buggy. Funny little girl.
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