Saturday, 15 November 2008

Grace - 10 and a half months

So Grace is 10 and a half months old. She loves toy guitars, yogurts, hair pulling and saying Mmmm Baaah over and over again. She can also say da da da but MMMM Baaahhh is definitely her favourite word. Our party trick to ask her what noise a sheep makes. Oh yes, we are hilarious.

We had a housewarming/bonfire party a couple of weeks ago which Grace seemed to like, probably because she thinks any visitors only come to see her, and so starts clapping and doing her regal waving. (She has also started to shake her head a bit like a punk rocker whilst manically waving her arms. It's very funny, and exceptionally sweet when she does it upon seeing me. If only James would get so excited when I walked through the door.) Anyway, we had a huge bonfire which was great fun but a bit scary, and some suitably unimpressive fireworks. James did a comedy slip up on a butter spill and I fell down a pothole. Our party was off-the-hook in places.
We invited the neighbours and they all turned up which was lovely, but I didn't know any of their names and felt it would be rude to ask so had to be really over familiar and call them "love" and "honey" all evening, which obviously gave them the wrong idea as I think one of them tried to hit on me as they left. In fact I am sure she did, Rottingdean is very famous for swinging parties though. I didn't put the slightest hint of swinging in the invites and we don't have any pampas grass in the garden (a dead giveaway that you are "up for it" apparently), or a dish full of car keys, but they tried their luck even so. Oh dear, we really must get some curtains.

Speaking of undressing when you really should not, Grace is getting far too good at taking her pyjamas off and so keeps waking up in the night naked and freezing cold. I think she does it because she knows I will feel sorry for her and let her get into bed with us, where she can kick us and pull our hair lots as we try and sleep. For someone so small she takes up an awful lot of room. James says the same about me however, so perhaps she is just following in my footsteps, except we have almost the same size feet already. I'll be borrowing her sandals by the summer.

She is not quite walking yet but has moved from crawling to prancing, a bit like Mowgli does in the jungle book which is possible one of the funniest things I've ever seen, especially if she starts the punk rocking at the same time.

Latest photos here, but not many as Grace ate my phone and I had to get a new one!:


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