Sunday, 26 October 2008

Grace - 10 months old

So Grace is 10 months old, and getting far too clever for her own good. She recently learnt to wave. She has two types, a very regal twirly-hand type of wave, which she uses at dinner parties or if she is out in public, and a two-armed windscreen wiper type of wave which she uses whenever she sees her mummy or daddy. It's possible the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

She likes to join in with the applause when the X Factor is on. I think she likes that little Irish lad best, probably because they are about the same size.

She is so into absolutely everything. Getting her to go to sleep is a nightmare. All she wants to do is explore and if you try and stop her she can become quite vicious. Her little monkey fingers sink into your eye socket or right up your nose. She even gave me a cheeky bite on my nipple the other day right through my t-shirt. She knows this kind of behaviour is wrong, because once she has done it she looks up at me a bit sly to see what I will do. If I do try and tell her off, she just uses my open mouth as a ledge for her foot to climb onto my head and pluck out hairs. She swung of James' chest hair the the other day like a little Tarzan. Very funny to watch. Perhaps less funny to take part in. She is a little madam, although it's possibly the most embarrassing thing a parent can ever say to a child I know the words "stop showing off because your friend is here" are going to be spoken often in our home as she gets older.

Her swimming classes are going really well. Last week they had to take along pyjamas and be thrown in the pool wearing them ( I can't remember the reason why now, but I don't think it was just for fun) anyway, I forgot to pack Grace's jimjams so my poor little princess had to do it in lost-property boys pants. I felt truly awful. What must the other mums think?!! Will it scare Grace forever, will she remember it in some flashback when she is older? have I created a cross-dresser?!

Her very severe haircut is still alarmingly short. Perhaps she is going to take after my dad who has not had his hair cut in about 30 years and it's not grown a single inch in all that time. She is fast growing out of 9-12 months clothing and trying to put shoes on her is like trying to put a shoe on a brick. Try it and you'll see how hard it is, especially when all the brick wants to do is take the shoe off and hit you over the head with it, laughing...

Oh the laughing. I never knew the sound of my baby laughing could be quite so fantastic. It's the most wonderful little chuckle with a squeak at the end. I would do anything for that squeak. She does it if I blow raspberries on her tummy, or swing her round and round. She does it when she is looking at her books (playing AND learning). She does it if James sings "Stand up clap hands, shout thank you lord, thank you for the world I'm in" (religion is hilarious when you are 10 months old), she does if she wakes up and sees you watching her, which is often because she falls asleep in the most weird and wonderful positions - the other day she looked like the hungry Caterpillar, flat on her face with her bum high in the air (she photos).

She is starting to show some of her mother's traits at last...I turned round to get a nappy and she was carefully pulling all the wipes out the packet and making a lovely neat pile of them on the mat. She also does it with her childminders washing if the machine door is left open. I'm so excited, when she gets a bit older we can tidy up together!

We love reading about what she has been getting up to all day with her childminder, especially if she has been naughty, which is seems she often is. I think the words "little devil" feature at least 4 times in every update.

So all in all, 10 months in and it's still going well, most of the time. We have the old bump (like the other night when she woke up at 2am and refused to go back to sleep, the more I tried the more awake she became. James was in London checking out a site so I was forced to get up and put her in her playpen. James got home at 5am and looked very alarmed to see all the lights on and Grace clapping along to "hello puppy calling, do you want to play with me?" needless to say neither of us wanted to play with puppy or Grace.

How tiring parenting is can become a bit of a competition between James and I(with no winner) if we are not careful. I have taking to listing all the things I do to prove how much MORE tiring it all is for me. It does not work however, it just makes James clap his hands over his ears and shout "not the list! Spare me the list!". This may all sound very childish but I had a very enlightening conversation with the chap next to me at a wedding recently. We decided that there are only two reasons why couples fall out. They are either;

A: One or both partners are tired
B: One or both partners are hungry

And I really think it's true - which is why I am off to bathe my little monkey so I can start to think about going to bed myself, with my knitting. Yes, knitting. I knit and I'm proud. I am making a patchwork quilt with some people at work to raise money for children in need and I love it. We meet on Tuesdays for a good old stitch and bitch. My technique is coming along a treat (stitching, not bitching) and soon James, Grace and I will all be wearing snazzy Christmas jumpers with our names on them.

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