Thursday, 14 August 2008

Grace - 7 and a half months

So Grace is 7 and a half months... and it's been ages since I had the time to sit down and update this. We have been moving house, which is fun at the best of times, even more so with a tiny baby who wants constant entertaining. Trying to pack was a nightmare. I put her in her playpen with every shiny, noisy, brightly coloured toy I could think of, put her animal sounds CD on and placed bottles of milk all around her hoping she would give me half an hour to crack on, no chance. Every time I taped a box together the noise made her howl, the sound of crockery being wrapped up made her howl. In the end I was forced to sit her in a giant cardboard box next to me just so I could get on, and guess what? She LOVED it, so much so that we've put the box in her new playroom. She sits in it and giggles for hours. If only a cardboard box could make me so happy.
So now we live in Rottingdean and I love it. I love living in a village, shopkeepers are nicer, the sea smells of the sea, not of stag parties and wee wee, I can park outside the tiny (but sufficiently stocked) Tesco. The White Horse does an amazing carvery (Seriously. I was very sceptical but after a couple of mouthfuls I was soon queuing up for more cauliflower cheese exclaiming "tastes just like my mums!). Rottingdean also has lots of lovely tea and scone rooms (The shopkeepers in these are not so nice though, especially in "The Trellis Tea Room" James and I had only been sat down for about 10 seconds, (and that was after the owner had deliberated for a very long time over whether we were even allowed to enter with a buggy) before she came charging over to demand "What do you want? Can't have anything on the menu, just tea or a scone".
James was a hit at the Rottingdean fete. He won a giant hippo on the darts game (a stuffed one, not a real one. There are no hippos in Rottingdean) , 2 coconuts on the coconut shy stall, and a huge inflatable football on the football game stall. He also stole the wig and floral hat from the mannequin at the agricultural stall and wore them whilst playing for my plants. The women serving us knew something was not right but could not work out what.

We moved just in time, Grace has mastered crawling. I now spend all my time chasing her round the house (or if I am doing the hovering then she chases me, she likes to pull Henries' nose). The only thing which is guaranteed to stop her in her tracks is if she passes a mirror. She has not worked out she is looking at herself so thinks it's a little friend to play with. She waves and pats the glass, screeching in delight.
She is also entering the exciting world of finger food, like toasted marmite soldiers for breakfast. She likes to tip the bowl over, poke herself in the head with toast and then pat everything in sight with her buttery fingers. She also has teeny tiny sandwiches for lunch which I later find squashed into her play mat or stuck to her bum. She drinks from a beaker now, holding it herself which is very sweet indeed. She can't work out she needs to tilt her head back when the juice is running low though, so slings it on the floor in disgust.
It's lovely having the space to let her explore. Much like the cardboard box thing, James' bottles of wine are far more fun to play with than all her toys, we often hear the rack rattling as she uses it as a prop to pull herself up to standing. It's amazing to think that a few short months ago she was a helpless little baby and now she crawls and stands and feeds herself. She is growing up so fast!

James went on a stag do to Prague recently so Grace and I were in the new house alone for the first time. It was very scary indeed. We have a conservatory extension at the back of the house with no curtains on it and I was convinced I would have to go downstairs in the night to get something and there would be some knife-welding maniac stood in my back garden waving at me (If it happened it would have been the most historical event Rottingdean had seen in about 300 years). I got so scared about it I ended up going to bed at 8pm and barricading me and Grace in the bedroom. She thought sleeping bed with mummy for 3 days was brilliant fun. She was not so happy when daddy came home and wanted his side of the bed back though. I am pleased to say she is in her own room now though, and is finally sleeping through the night. She gets in bed with mummy and daddy for a cuddle in the morning which is lovely. She is such a happy soul when she wakes up.
James and I are going on our first post-baby date tonight. Grace's godfather is babysitting. I feel like a teenager again, I've been planning what to wear all day, not that it matters as we will be sat in a pitch black cinema and James knows my wrinkly old tum is lurking beneath whatever outfit I chose anyway, but it's still nice to re-live "the good old days" now and again. Tonight I am going out with no nursing bra, nappy bag, nelsons teetha sachets or huge heavy cumbersome baby car seat, just my handsome fella, and I can't wait.

Photos here:

Ericka and Grace


Mark said...

aaahhh that's luvverly.

glad you're all settled in the 'dene!

our little boy is going crazy in rachel's tummy, kicking like a mule in there! having fun thinking 'bout names now. due dec 9th, just a day or two from lorraine's I think?!

take it easy matey


JD said...

Yup that's the way it works. You spend 9 months wishing they'd do something more than just lay there and then you spend the next 3 years wishing they'd stay where you left them!