Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Grace - 3 months old

So Grace is 3 months old, a quarter of a year, yet it seems like this journey began way before then though. I read through my diary from last year and the entry for the day I found out I was pregnant reads "Have we really done it? I can't let myself believe it",yet it seems so odd to think of a time when she was not here in some form, as a + on a pregnancy test, a secret flutter in my tummy, a kick in the ribs or a snuffle from the cot in the middle of the night.

Speaking of the middle of the night, Grace has a bit of a cold so she wants to feed every hour again which is exhausting. I feel so sorry for her, babies don't know how to sniff or clear their throats so they just snort and sneeze away. It's heartbreaking to see her little red eyes water.

Aside from the cold she is doing really well. She weighs over 12lb now, her hair and eyelashes are growing really long and she is learning more and more each day. She reaches out and holds onto things in front of her (not learnt how to let them go yet), and tries to put everything in her mouth. She has also learnt to sort of "push off" with her feet when she is on her change mat, which she gets very excited about (excited = kicking her feet whilst punching the air). She has started to coo with pleasure when sung too (I have quite a repertoire of songs now, James has even learnt them, in fact the people at his work sing "We know frogs go tra la la la la"). Her friend Edie is 19 months old and loves singing to her, but gets "If you're happy and you know it" mixed up with "Head shoulders knees and toes" and so wobbles about touching her feet chanting "happy happy happy".

I bit the bullet and joined British Military Fitness, it's a ball-breaker of an exercise class held outside each morning and evening in various parks, run by the army (hence the name). The first time I did it I thought I was going to die. It's been a long time since I did sit ups, squat thrusts and burpies. I forgot how much I hate them. Of course it's even more fun now because as well as hurting immensely, I also have to concentrate on not wetting myself. My breast pads fell out in front of everyone as I was doing my push ups , so that was nice and embarrassing. I cracked a "Look at me, I'm Princess Leah" joke and held them over my ears... Needless to say I was picked last when it came to team selections.

James babysat Grace while all this was going on. I forced myself to master the breast pump and have finally managed it, but only if Grace is feeding on the other side at the same time. The problem now is she HATES the pump. She thinks it's another baby, that I love more than her, stealing all her milk. As soon as she hears the whir of it being switched on, she starts sucking with a vengeance and tries to kick the pump off. She is very possessive of my boobs. She grabs on to them while she is feeding as if someone is about to snatch them from her at any second.

She also likes to be attached to them whilst trying to do a poo, which she only manages about once every 3 days so it becomes a bit of an event. It starts with a slightly puzzled expression and a sort of growling noise, then her face gets redder and redder, then she starts grunting and kicking her feet in the air, I normally start singing "Body Movin' by the Beastie Boys at this stage "Let me get some action from the back section" I chant as she thrashes about going boss-eyed. I do hope she gets more discreet as she gets older!

We are putting our flat on the market so it's a frantic time trying to keep the place neat and tidy for viewings, (especially as my beloved boyfriend thinks socks walk themselves to the washing machine from wherever he has tossed them and that it's impossible to make a nice meal unless you use every single kitchen utensil in sight and spill flour on the floor). I have learnt how to do the housework one handed whilst entertaining Grace with the other, chase the estate agent on the phone and eat my breakfast all at the same time. I am going back to work one day a week from next month so need to start leaving Grace with her babysitter for longer periods of time (So far I have managed about half an hour!) The problem is I am so haplessly in love it actually hurts me to be apart from her. I sit watching her sleep and feel a protectiveness so powerful it's almost frightening. When she wakes up and sees me, she gives me a huge gummy smile and I just melt into a puddle of silliness.

Anyway, she has just been passed to me wanting her dinner, I'd best go before the lung practising begins!!!
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