Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Day

So it's Grace's first Valentines day, she did not get any cards but her daddy did buy her a Spurs babygro - so that's nice, just in time for the final. Grace made her daddy a lovely Valentines card, with minimal help from me, she also helped bake him some heart shaped jammy dodgers (well she poked the dough a bit anyway).
It's amazing how each week she grows and learns so much. She sleeps in her cot now as she has gotten too big for her moses basket. The first night we put her in there we thought it was going to be a nightmare. The only way we could stop her from whinging was to keep winding up her very annoying mobile and pressing her even more annoying Fisher Price water garden which plays a selection of awful and strangely eerie songs, lights up, and blows bubbles. It's second-hand and somewhere down the line it has started squeaking so James and I have to try and sleep with 2 noisy, eerie, squeaky brightly lit baby toys going off all night - it does keep her quiet (not that we would be able to hear her over the din anyway), I am not sure it's the sort of "mood music" one would chose for Valentiens Day however. Anyway, the first night in her cot she slept from 12.30pm to 6.30am - I had to keep going over and checking on her, funny how I wanted her to sleep at nighttime so much and now that she does I don't like it as I worry something is wrong.

She smiles all the time now (at people she likes), I took her to the park this week and sat on the swing with her and she seemed to love it. I am a bit embarrassed when I go though as people seem to have cottoned on to my power walking pattern. I go round the outside of the park, then round the inside past the pond, then outside again, inside again and then outside. How anyone could work out such a complicated routine is beyond me, but they have, and they make comments like "Oh, you again" or "How many times do you walk round this park?" or "You are not very busy are you", it makes me feel like a right saddo.
Worse still, I have even been made unwelcome from Grace's weekly weigh-in! When I went on Monday the health care visitor said (loudly) that I did not have to come each week, maybe just once a month from now on. I can't believe it. I love the weigh-ins. I like to check how much Grace has grown and feel smug when other babies have less hair than her, but now I feel like they will all laugh at me if I keep turning up.
My weekly weigh-ins are a different story however, according to the Boots scales in London rd, not only have I lost 5lb in the last week I have also shrunk 2inches! If we keep going at this rate Grace and I will be able to share clothes in no time.

Anyway, I've had to try and find new activities, being as I am too embarrassed to do my old ones, and that is how I ended up at Baby Jam last Friday. My friend (who shall remain nameless) text me and invited me to (and I quote) "Baby Jam, babies, dancing to rock music" Well, I was beside myself with excitement. I love to throw some shapes to a bit of rock music and Grace loves a sing song - we often pogo to NME tv together, so I thought it would be perfect... It seems my friend is a big far liar however, as when we got there there was no rock music, no music at all in fact. It was some hippy dippy tie-dye woman with cornish pasty shoes and a flute skipping around in a circle singing "Hop little rabbits, hop hop hop" As you can imagine I was furious and far too self-conscious to join in, so I skulked about at the back kicking the radiator and scowling. Grace liked it even less, she slept the whole way through. At one point the woman even got out a huge patchwork blanket which she called a parachute and made us spin it round and throw it in the air and sit under it and things, how awful. It was like being in some sort of cult. I am lucky we got out of there alive..and that was only after paying £3.50. £3.50!! For 45 minutes of cringeworthy crap singing and sitting under a stinking patchwork quilt!! I am missing a trick here, I should start up a baby group.

Anyway, Baby Jam is not for me, I am looking into "Little Dippers" which is a swimming programme for tiny babies, but Grace can't start that for a few weeks, so it looks like I am either going to have to walk round the park in disguise, or face my fear of seeing people from work while I am still in what I call "recovery" and walk into town and along the seafront. I am trying our another mum and babygroup tomorrow morning, so we will see how that goes.

We went for our 6 week check up.. Grace did really well and passed all the tests with flying colours. I did not do so well... I am so used to the doctors/nurses/healthcare visitors wanting to check my stitches, I did not even ask first before starting to strip off when Dr.Clifford said "And how are you getting on?" He looked horrified and asked what I was doing, I was horrified and so said "Nothing!" Nothing?!! I had my jeans round my knees! I I am lucky they did not take Grace off me, thinking I was unhinged and trying to hit on the Doctor. Oh the shame.. It's another place I wish I could put on the 'to be avoided' list, but I have to go back on Tuesday for Grace to have her first jabs. It's going to be horrible for both of us, I bet I cry more than her. I have to go for a filling the next day, which I kind of see as my punishment for putting my little girl through pain.

She really is such a joy-giver, I can't explain the way I feel when she hears my voice and smiles. She is just so, sweet. I know I should have a better word for it, but I can't find one. I am simply loving every second I spend with her.

Anyway - enough gushing, more photos at below link.

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Duncan said...

Hello again to all :-)

I wonder where James got the Idea for the Spurs baby grow *ROFL* i hope he found me links helpful :-)

Glad you and the family are doing so well.

Dunk -x-